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You can try out the Clean Air Lamp bulb by:

  1. Lighting the Clean Air Lamp low-energy bulb in the room where your television is situated. Television screens tend to attract a lot of dust. To test the bulb, remove all the dust from your screen and switch on the lamp near the television for a few hours a day. Over time, you will notice the absence of dust on the screen. What actually happens to this dust? Thanks to the negative ions, the dust congeals and drops to the floor. You clean up these particles by vacuuming.
  2. Asking a smoker to have a cigarette in a small room. Normally, the smoke and smell of the cigarette remains for a long time. But, when using the Clean Air Lamp energy-saving bulb, you will quickly notice that the smoke and smell disappear completely.
  3. Lighting the Clean Air Lamp low-energy bulb near your pet's favorite corner. All unpleasant smells disappear after a few hours.
1 Clear Air Lamp air purfying low-energy bulb lights and cleans a room with a surface of about 10m square
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