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Our health and well-being benefit greatly from negative ions in the air. Clean Air Lamp spreads negative ions using a built-in ion generator. By ionizing the air we create a healthy indoor climate that fills us with more vitality, improves our immune system's resistance and helps us reduce the number of illnesses we suffer with. In nature, negative ions are found in large concentrations in woody and watery environments or after a thunderstorm. As a natural air purifier, Clean Air Lamp helps to take care of a polluted air.

An overview:

Waterfall, forest
Mountains, sea
City edge, pasture, field
City Park
Inner city home
Closed air-conditioned office

Number of negative ions per cm³
700 - 1,500
400 - 600
100 - 200
40 - 50
0 - 25
1 Clear Air Lamp air purfying low-energy bulb lights and cleans a room with a surface of about 10m square
what does it do


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